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1/23/2013: Having been treated by the same dentist/oral surgeon (my ex-fiance) since 1996, one can imagine the fear and uncertainty of going to a new dentist. So what I would do is fly to Rome (where my ex- fiance practices) each time I needed my annual cleaning. As it happened, last week, just 3 weeks after returning from a trip to Rome, one of my molars with an old filling broke and I was in urgent need of a local dentist. Dr. David Isaacs came HIGHLY recommended to me by a trusted friend so I thought i'd take the leap of faith.

He was totally worth the drive from Venice to Sherman Oaks! I found Dr. Isaacs and his staff to be very friendly and personable. But what I really liked and what was most important to me was Dr. Isaacs got right to the point, gave me the least invasive, most cost effective solution to my problem. Where most dentist would have said "root canal" and "cap", he came up with a solution I was hoping for which saved my tooth and my bank account.

He was very precise, didn't make me cry (deathly afraid of needles) and the result was a perfect molar with the perfect bite. I'd say, it was the best experience I could have had with any dentist. tnx Dr. Isaacs!


Venice, CA via yelp.com

3/10/2012: The best experience ever! I don't think most people say that when going to any type of doctor, especially the Dentist. My experience started with the receptionist. I was looking for a dentist in the area that would do a cleaning and exam in one visit. I had contacted several dentists in the area and they wouldn't do this as one visit, you had to space it over two. This is just a greedy ploy to make more money and waste my time. Not with this Dentist. I called up and asked a lot of questions. The receptionist was more than happy to answer all of my questions.

This was THE most exceptional customer service experience I've had in a very long time. I was so impressed.

So then I set up my appointment and met the super nice receptionist when I came in on my lunch from work. I waited a few minutes, filled out some paperwork then I was in the chair getting my teeth xrayed and then polished by the technician. I was on my lunch and in order to expedite, Dr. Isaacs did the cleaning while we discussed S. Africa. Very personable. His knowledge was very impressive.

I had an awesome visit, I will definitely come back. I will definitely tell all of my co-workers, friends and acquaintances to come here.

Michael H.

Sherman Oaks, CA via yelp.com

2/3/2012: I started going to Woodman Dental Care after a coworker suggested me the place last year. I'm glad I switched dentist. The staff is super friendly, attentive, and they make you feel welcome. Dr. David Isaacs takes his time with each patient and makes you feel very comfortable. Also, he's very attentive and explains you every procedure in detail. The office schedules the appointments, in order for each patient to have a lot of time with the doctor. I really enjoy the attention they provide. I've always been very scared of dentist, until I started attending Dr. Isaacs office. He makes all the procedures feel not scary at all. About a month ago, my younger sister started going to Woodman Dental Care and now she's not afraid of the dentist. Finally, one of the services I really enjoy is that after each visit, Dr. Isaacs personally calls you to make sure you are feeling well.

Marie Grace A.

Santa Monica, CA via yelp.com

1/30/2012: I am writing this review to defend Dr. Isaacs because I can not disagree more with the review given from Ben P. in Sherman Oaks, CA. Dr. Isaacs I'm sure did not cause your white patches after whiting. We all have different problems with our bodies, and for whatever reason you had this happen can be answered by the doctor. As for not having your call returned, I find that hard to believe since his staff are very diligent with returning calls. I could not be happier with Dr. Isaacs and his staff. They have been wonderful, friendly, prompt with calls and try very hard to even re-schedule appointments. As for the pricing, I have found them reasonable and fair with the prices. As a matter of fact, their are dentists who do the same quality dentistry who gauge you with the prices. I am scheduled to see Dr. Isaccs in February for a cleaning etc. and I am looking forward to seeing this very caring and wonderful dentist and his staff. Great place for great care!

Joel C.

Beverly Hills, CA via yelp.com

12/21/2011: I went into to Dr. Isaacs with a a mouth that has been heavily worked on with a tone of decay. By now I know it has something to do with genetics or they way my body operates. I have to ask a lot of my dentist to make sure I all my teach for another 50 years. I now make a habit of asking a lot of questions and making sure I get the best care.

At the end of the day, I am very pleased Dr. Isaacs is the one fixing my teath. He is very diligent and explains things even when I am not asking questions. Takes his time to do the best job even if he spaces out restorative work over more time than I would like; the end result though is a better product that will lost longer without problems.

Jesse P.

West Los Angeles, CA via yelp.com

12/18/2011: Everyone was so nice and friendly and gave me good information to take care of my gums and teeth. Dr. Isaacs is very patience and knowledgeable and answer all my questions. I highly recommend this office. Thank you Dr. Isaacs.

Shlomy A.

Encino, CA via Yelp.com

11/29/2011: Dr. Isaac has been good. I needed dental work and its going well for me. Dr. Isaac is also a dental surgeon and was able to extract some roots that had broken off at the base of the tooth without it being a traumatic event for me. I was very grateful to him for that and he offered me a discount but instead I paid the entire amount because it is a privilege to be in his care. He was a professor at the university and has carefully handled patients on his humanitarian trips to smaller countries. Dr. Isaac also prescribed medicine that helped me through the surgery. I was not afraid and it actually didn't hurt, will do business again.

Michael B.

Los Angeles, CA via Yelp.com

11/20/2011: I've suffered from Juvenile Periodontitis, which is a gum disease, for the past 20 years and have spent tens of thousands of hard earned dollars, gum operations and a lot of pain to end up with a worsened condition than before. I even remember my last dentist joking with my wife about me losing all my teeth by the time I'm 40. That's until i met Dr. Isaacs. It was the first time i had my gums examined and have received a truthful and honest diagnosis of my condition and the exact solution to get rid of this disease once and for all. Following a few surgeries and fairly priced treatments i can say that my mouth looks and feels better than ever.

I wish I've met Dr. Isaacs 20 years ago and would have saved all this pain, suffering and tons of money.

Gabe O.

Woodland Hills, CA via Yelp.com

10:17/2011: I got very lucky when I found this dentist office, and have happily referred friends and family since. They take great care of you here, not only making sure you are comfortable, but helping you make the best choices for your dental health. I rarely have to wait, and they are so great about helping you navigate your insurance requirements to make sure you know exactly what you are covered for. That is incredibly helpful. And on top of all of this, they are really friendly! I have never been a huge fan of dental visits, but it is always nice to see this group of people again, and that makes any dental work much more palatable. I highly recommend this office.

Tiffany S.

Culver City, CA via Yelp.com

9/12/2011: I have been working in the Dental field for 30 plus years. I use to be in Florida and have worked for large frims and Private Offices. I consider myself a very good judge of character, professionalism and honesty espically in this field. I have found Dr. David Isaacs to be one of the most kind, considerate, knowledgeable and honest Drs. it has ever been my pleasure to work with or for. I have quit jobs where the Dr.s felt the only way to make money was to cheat, lie and just plain swindle their patients. Dr. Isaacs is just not this type of Dr. and for that matter type of person. I know his wife, children and parents. The whole family is just wonderful and I feel anyone who visits our office and gives him a chance to impress them will never want to go anywhere else. Call us 818-981-4508 or visit our email site, woodmandentalcare@gmail.… and be ready to find a new dental home for yourself and your family. Cyndee

Cynthia L.

Chatsworth, CA via Yelp.com

9/11/2011: I started going to Dr. Isaacs about 1 year ago after a bad and painful experience with my DDS of 5 years...To say the least I was terrified to try someone new, Cyndee, Dr Isaacs office manager set my mind at ease from the second I made my first appointment and I must say I was not dissapointed...Dr was kind and knowledgeble and considerate of my anxiety and took his time to meet not only my dental needs but settle my nerves as well...I have sent my friends to him and other family members and we all can't say enough good things about the whole office...He is honest and professional not to mention great chairside manners! If you want to see the best for your dental care and health Dr Isaacs is the one to see!

Nancy B.

Chatsworth, CA via Yelp.com

8/11/2011: I started going to Woodman Dental to see Dr. David Isaacs in April 2011 and have been very pleased with the results and care. I had several old fillings that were silver that I wanted to change to white. I have had minimal pain and successful outcomes every time I went in.

>His staff is also very pleasant and helpful. They all seem to care about the patient.

One thing I also appreciate is that Dr. Isaacs does not try to sell you on things you do not need. He is very honest and does only whats best for the patient.

By the way, Dr. Isaacs is a former USC dental school professor. He is smart and knows his stuff.

I have recommended him to several of my friends and family.

Aaron S.

Los Angeles, CA via yelp.com

8/10/2011: Dr. David Isaacs received his higher education from the University of Pennsylvania, which is one of the nation's top 10 dental schools.

The staff, Cindy and Patty, are blue chip employees since they are caring, friendly, and warm.

I started with Dr. Isaacs in July, 2011 with a DEEP CLEANING. My mouth was coated with plaque and tarter. His wrists got tired of scraping off the gunk from my teeth. Now, my mouth is bacteria-free and I lost 5 pounds from this oral waste. Plus, my Toyota gets better miles per gallon without this dead dental weight.

He, HIMSELF, takes the initiative to telephone each patient as part of the follow up to see how they are feeling from the appointment. He never rushes to complete the objective of each visit. If you are looking for a detail oriented professional who is also a PERFECTIONIST, you do not have to look any further.

The highest rating is 5 stars and Dr. Isaacs deserves it. My only complaint is getting into the office - it would be great if there was a door handle instead of pushing it open with your hand.

Harvey S.

North Hollywood, CA via Yelp.com

7/26/2011: The first thing you'll experience is the receptionist Cindy- she's equal parts funny, smart and efficient... can't get better than that. Then there's Patty, who makes things happen. She's also very nice and very efficient.

Dr. Isaacs took a lot of time explaining his philosophy and approach to treating patients at my first appointment. That was greatly appreciated but when it comes down to it there's a lot more that goes into being a great dentist. I've had three appointments now and feel that their office has earned the five stars. If you're looking for a dental office/dentist where you get included in the decision making for the best course of treatment this is the place. Thus far I can say that the actual treatments that have been done so far were done well- painlessly and quickly.

My last dentist was, I believe, over-charging and recommending treatments that weren't necessary. I do not see that happening with Dr. Isaacs.

Greg R.

Studio City, CA via Yelp.com

4/25/2011: I've always been scared of the dentist, as I believe most are for many various reasons. Now while I know these fears may be valid for the most part, Dr. Isaac's and the team down at Woodman Dental Care have completely removed any fear and intimidation I've ever felt towards the dentist.

Over the past six months I've been going Woodman Dental fairly regularly due to a great disregard I took towards my teeth for the past four or five years. This lack of care or interest I placed in my dental care led to a need for about twelve fillings, a much needed cleaning and has also led me to have the pleasure... yes I say pleasure of having all four of my wisdom teeth taken out, most of which if not all were impacted and all were done with out a need to knock me out. Yes, I was wide awake while Dr. Isaac's removed all four of my wisdom teeth. Now I don't know about you but every story I've ever heard pertaining to wisdom teeth has been one filled with horror, most including accounts of waking up with great pain, a swollen face comparable to a greedy chipmunk, a lot of blood and an ensuing couple days stuck in bed loaded with painkillers. Well as far as I'm concerned these people all just had bad dentists or really bad luck because my recovery process took about a day before I was up and about and the only pain medication needed was some ibuprofen and/or aspirin for about three days after the surgery, and that only resulted from one of the teeth. As far as the fillings, each one was done beautifully and I can't tell the difference between the teeth that had fillings and the ones that had no work.

If the amazing work itself wasn't enough the office there is always warm, cozy, filled with relaxing tunes, good reads, and comfortable leather couches. The office staff Patty and Cyndee are amazing people who always have smiles on their faces and can hold pleasant conversation. With Dr. Isaac's holding the title, I'm guaranteed a wonderful conversation with him or as much as possible before he begins to work on my mouth and then I'm content listening to him speak from his rather impressive depth of knowledge. Overall I feel that if all dental offices were ran like Woodman Dental Care the world would be a better place, people would have generally better dental hygiene and care because a trip to the dentist would be an enjoyable experience instead of a dreaded encounter. Instead of waiting till the tooth fell out itself from decay they would set up an appointment at the first sign of problem and actually go to their regular check ups.

Two BIG thumbs up from, - a very pleased patient

Jared W.

Los Angeles, CA via Yelp.com

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